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We live in the Midwest so we know the roofing emergencies that can be caused when Mother Nature is at her worst. She will throw out hail, wind, rain and snow in massive amounts, causing damage that can be minor to major in a manner of minutes. When these situations occur, call in the roofing experts at Illinois Roof Pros  to assess the damage. It may only be a minor roof repair or you may need a brand new roof. If you do need a new roof, we can install a temporary roof fix and help you with your insurance claim. We will be there for every part of the process and ensure that you get exactly what you need for your roof. In an emergency, contact us at 815-900-9895, for quick and reliable roofing professionals.

Simple Steps

for a Hassle Free Claim Process

When you are in need of an emergency roof repair, follow these steps below in order to eliminate the hassle and stress of a claim.

  1. Contact the claims center of your Insurance Company and report that you may have hail/wind/etc damage to your home. Once you have reported the claim, contact your Illinois Roof Pros  Field Representative with the claim number.
  2. The Insurance Company will contact you with the name and phone number of the Adjuster, along with the date and time that the Adjuster will be coming out to inspect your home. Contact your Illinois Roof Pros  Field Representative with this information. To protect your best interests, we need to meet with your Adjuster and come to an agreement on the full scope of the damage to your home.
  3. After meeting with your Insurance Adjuster, your Illinois Roof Pros  Representative and Adjuster will inspect your home.  At some point in this process your Insurance Company will typically issue a claim report (which is the estimate) and the first of two checks will be issued by mail or onsite. When you receive this, contact your Field Representative and arrange a time to have this picked up.
  4. Your Illinois Roof Pros Representative will review the paperwork (which is the estimate) to ensure that nothing was left off, improperly measured, or inadequately covered. If anything needs to be addressed or further discrepancies, your Illinois Roof Pros  Field Representative will advise you on what needs to be done next.
  5. Once you have selected the products and colors for your roof, your Illinois Roof Pros  Field Representative will schedule your project for production and within two (2) weeks your project should be started. Remember as agreed, all you pay is your deductible.
  6. Upon completion of your project, your Inspector will examine the completed work and pick-up any left over materials.
  7. After we receive the insurance paperwork and your project is deemed complete, both you and your Insurance Company will receive a final invoice. When you receive the second and final check, from the Insurance Company, the remainder of the invoice is due.