Hail Damage

/Hail Damage

When Hail Strikes

It’s Time to Call In the Professionals

Hail damage is something that unfortunately, is not all that uncommon in the Midwest. It is also something that is incredibly difficult to tell if you have had happen to your roof from the ground. If you believe that you have had hail damage done to your roof then you need to call your insurance company and request that an adjuster come to inspect your roof for hail damage. Once you have called your insurance, then call a respected roofing company and ask them to send someone out to do the same type of hail damage inspection. If there are any types of differences in the inspections than you may call for a “re-inspection” where your insurance adjuster and your roofer meet and go over the roof together. This is not an uncommon request and fully within your rights. The insurance company must then determine two things when they are determining the amount of your loss:

  1. Was there sufficient damage to the roof to declare it a total loss? (Usually determined by 10 verified hail hits per 100 square feet.)
  2. What is the size of the roof and how many shingles will be needed to replace the roof?

How Does Hail

Damage an Asphalt Roof?

Hail damage is something that may present itself as an immediate problem to be taken care of, or may slowly eat away at your asphalt roof. It will accelerate granule loss and cause premature shingle aging. It can also void a manufacturer’s warranty and lead to a variety of other problems. Does this mean you need to get your roof replaced immediately? No. However, as stated before, it is difficult to determine the exact damage to the structural integrity of your roof without an inspection. Many insurance companies also have a statue of limitations of how long a hail claim is viable. If you believe you have had hail damage from a recent storm, give us a call at 815-900-9895 and we will be there to help you determine your next steps and avoid any other possible future problems.