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Experienced and Professional Roofers

for Wauconda, IL

Our teams of licensed and bonded roofers at Illinois Roof Pros  come from a long history of roofers. Most of our tradesmen have learned about roofing from their grandfathers and fathers before them. They are experienced professionals who know the importance of a roof to their family and yours. Our knowledgeable and friendly roofers are there for you for your day-to-day maintenance and for every emergency situation. If you haven’t had your roof inspected lately, give us a call at 815-900-9895 and we will send out an Illinois Roof Pros field representative to your home for a thorough and detailed inspection.

Emergency Roofers

when Mother Nature Strikes

We are well aware of the wrath that Mother Nature can bring during every season of the year. In Wauconda, IL it is not uncommon to have hail, intense winds, rain and sometimes sleet all in the same storm! When Mother Nature hits your home with her worst, we are at our absolute best. We will come to your home to help quickly assess any damage that has been done to your home and inspect your roof, gutters, and siding for you. We will work with your insurance adjuster and help you to navigate the many options that may lie before you to get your home back to the safe and protected place that it should be. Never hesitate to contact the professionals at Illinois Roof Pros, in an emergency we are always happy to help a neighbor in need, and EVERYONE is a neighbor to us.

Financing for Every Roof

in Wauconda, IL

Financing is not something that you hear of in the roofing industry but we wanted to be unique and ensure that everyone who needed a new roof or roof repair could have it. We partnered with financial institutions to provide you with financing options such as our 18 months, zero interest plan, with NO monthly payments – same as cash. This plan is only one of a great variety of plans that we have to help assist you with your new roof or roof repair. Approval takes less than five minutes, with absolutely no paperwork to fill out and limited information from you. Before you have even had the chance to finish choosing shingle colors you could be approved! To see a full line of our financing options, check out our Special Offers page.